Adventure and Romance in Tahiti

Tahiti always seems to be on travelers’ bucket lists. I’m happy to report that Tahiti is now more accessible than ever before with roundtrip airfare at record lows. The Islands of Tahiti that are on the majority of clients’ radar are Tahiti, Moorea and Bora Bora. Encouragement to add a few other islands are offered if you have the time. Additionally, a repeat visit to Tahiti be it via traditional travel or cruise can lend to a completely different experience. Tahiti is not a one time destination by any stretch!

Tahiti is only “one more movie” from Hawaii or eight hours from California. A fascinating fact that I like to share as a Tahiti Specialist is, the Islands of Tahiti receive the same amount of visitors in one year that the Islands of Hawaii receive in one week. You read that right, one week! If you are looking for unspoiled paradise, look no further than Tahiti. A less crowded slice of heaven awaits you; nature as it was always intended.

The Journey Set has relationships with any kind of lodging you can imagine here. Home rentals, yacht charters, cruises, villas on secluded islands, scuba diving retreats or luxury resorts. When planned correctly, your budget can go far among the islands and always includes your inter-island flights. Always book through The Journey Set to score your amenities with your stay!

Tahiti can be your adventure escape, your relaxation refuge or a little bit of both. Travelers can use Tahiti, Moorea and Rangiroa as their adventure islands and save Bora Bora for relaxation and spa time. Whatever mix speaks to you, The Journey Set will curate the perfect balance for your travel style. One thing is for certain, being on island time will be an easy adjustment!

  • Gateway City: Papeete, Tahiti (PPT)
  • Best Time of Year to Visit: Summer is a popular time to visit the islands but prices can spike and room inventory can be tighter than other months. I prefer sending clients January-May when you still have great weather, more inventory for rooms and more advantageous pricing.
  • The Islands of Tahiti Are Perfect For:
    • Couples
    • Honeymoons
    • Weddings
    • Milestone Celebrations
    • Families
    • Adventure Travel
    • Scuba Diving Adventures
    • Multi-Generational Travel
  • Best Dining Experience: The highlight of a fun filled morning snorkel tour is having a picnic on a motu. Feet in the water, a feast on your plate! You’ll soon be ordering Poisson Cru daily. Also known as the the national dish of Tahiti, it is typically sushi-grade raw fish marinated with coconut milk, lime juice, cucumber, tomatoes, onions and bell peppers.
  • The Journey Set Recommends: Tahiti topside is a jaw dropping beauty and what lies beneath her surface is something to behold. Make a few of your excursions under water focused and you’ll be in awe. Tahiti is one of the last places on the planet that you can swim with humpback whales. They visit these warm waters to give birth to their young and we know some great partners who cater to this experience with respect. Scuba divers will appreciate the pelagic life and a few days in Rangiroa blowing bubbles is just what the doctor ordered. Allow for more time topside on the island of Moorea where you can climb through her lush mountains, join an ATV tour and work up an appetite with Moorea Food Adventures!


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